Thanko All-In-One Video Glasses

 - Sep 24, 2008
References: & akihabaranews
The new Thanko sunglasses have a 50 inch virtual screen and can play music and video files from the MiniSD card or can be plugged into your VHS/DVD players.

The built-in media player lets you listen to your favorite music as the virtual screen plays videos or slideshow photos.

Lightweight, weighing in at only 0.28 lbs, the glasses and accessories fit into a compact carrying case so they can be easy taken in your luggage.

Not the most attractive glasses in the world, that´s for sure, but with everything they can do, do you really care?

Well yes, I do! Although I can see the appeal of them who go on long plane journeys and want to avoid eye contact with other passengers, I can only see gadget freaks being brave enough to wear them out in public.

They're close to being something really cool, but not quite close enough.