- Feb 18, 2011   Updated: Jul 25 2011
I am hard-pressed to find technology more outrageous than these kickass Thanko creations. In case you need a refresher, Thanko is a Japanese company known for making questionable and often crazy gadgets.

Some examples of the "questionable and crazy" include a USB-powered necktie fan and USB butt cooler. If you haven't already experienced the awesomeness that is Thanko, then be sure to click through this top list today.

Implications - This collection of 34 kickass thanko creations is one of the best that I have seen recently. These gadgets created by Thanko are all across the board and will certainly inspire some creativity. This cluster will have you thinking about the nifty gadgets that abound in a completely different way.

From Feline Face Covers to Nerdy Tech Ties: