The Decor Cat Mosquito Coil Holder Wards Off Insects Using Incense

 - Jun 4, 2016
References: japantrendshop
For consumers looking to ward off pesky insects without applying any product to their body, the Cat Mosquito Coil Holder Stand might be an ideal non-invasive alternative. The decorative piece features a metallic stand shaped like a cat that houses a coiled incense stick that is specially made with scents that displease bugs and keeps them from circulating around the area. The design is an ideal way to ensure consumers enjoy a bug-free space without having to apply harmful products to their body.

Often times commercially made insect repellants can be filled with harmful chemicals and toxins, making a standstill alternative such as the Cat Mosquito Coil Holder Stand an ideal alternative. The holder features a kitschy feline design and the use of incense to naturally repel bugs.