The Morphex Concept Car Makes Driving to the North Pole a Breeze

 - Feb 5, 2012
References: forge.local-motors & ecofriend
Traveling through the Arctic would be a whole lot easier in the Morphex concept car. Morphex was designed by Lulian Vornicu of Romania and uses so much future tech that is difficult to get a grasp on.

The Morphex concept car has a frame made out of shape memory alloy. Shape memory alloy is designed to help the car retain its shape no matter what type of punishment it takes. Simply heat the section that has been dented or scratched and the alloy will reform to its original shape. Vornicu's design also eschews the typical windscreen in favor of a Sonar Pulsar. This device scans the outside world and projects a holographic image of the outside. Power is supplied by hydrogen fuel-cells and 10 lithium ion battery packs.