Step Aside Coffee, There’s A New Breakfast Complement in Town

 - Jul 10, 2013
References: kilogramtea & coolhunting
Mornings, no matter what day of the week, can be tough. If work forces you to be an early riser, a nice hot cup of coffee is probably a staple in your morning routine. While coffee is a great pick me up, it’s not the only option out there for a delicious morning treat. Many people often overlook tea and all its amazing benefits because of the lack of caffeine compared to coffee.

A company in Chicago called Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea has noticed that despite their excellent variety of tea, the tea is not getting as much love as the coffee, and they wanted this to change.

In order to make their tea more desirable than coffee, they made improvements and released a line of tea called Kilogram Tea that encourages color, flavor, and texture. Color is an extremely important factor, especially for marketing. The company packaged the tea in five colors, black, green, white, oolong, and herbal, each representing a category of their tea. Kilogram Tea caters to a wide audience, as it is sold both loose-leaf and pyramid tea bag forms, and hot or cold.

It may be hard to pull away from your morning coffee routine, but chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised the day you make the change to tea.