'Moodbot' is a Slack Bot for Managing Employee Morale

 - May 16, 2018
References: moodbot.io & producthunt
For many companies, gauging employee morale is a nebulous process that feels almost artistic, relying on the intuition of people involved in building workplace culture, but 'Moodbot' for Slack is a new tool that aims to make the process more scientific. The bot gives businesses a way to track their employees' moods through things like anonymous polls, helping to garner honest feedback on the culture of one's company.

One of the biggest benefits of Moodbot over something like an email poll is that Moodbot is incorporated directly into Slack. This makes it easy for employees to participate in the various polls without having to be sidetracked from their workflow.

As far as those polls are concerned, Moodbot lets companies take one general poll a week, and it helps them to track those results over time.