These Smart Speakers Gauge the Mood of the Room and Play the Right Music

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: chune & springwise
These mood-sensing speakers seek to solve the problem of DJs never being able to properly read the mood of a room. No longer will you have to go to an all 90s punk rock rager when you and your friends want to listen to the latest hip-hop tracks.

How does it do this? Party-goers with the companion app can choose their favorite genres, artists and tracks and the Chüne speakers will select a playlist that makes most party goers happy.

The speaker also features a skip button that anybody can press to move onto the next track so you won't have to get stuck listening to Pitbull's verse on Timber for too long.

This device combines social elements in a way that can add a completely new dimension to partying and the music listening experience.