This Initiative Allows EU Citizens to Monitor Air Quality

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
'iSPEX-EU' is a large-scale project that allows EU citizens to use their smartphones to monitor air quality. In recent years, the EU has launched various initiatives to track and measure atmospheric conditions. This project allows citizens to take part in the process of measuring pollution simply by using their smartphones.

iSPEX-EU is a six week project that runs until October 15th. Citizens interested in taking part simply need a spectropolarimeter that can be attached to the lens of their phone's camera. The device works in conjunction with a provided app to help citizen monitor air quality. The device relies on pictures to measure light spectrum, polarization and direction. The data is then used to track different atmospheric pollutants.

The project demonstrates how citizen-sourced data can be used to complement official government data and provide a more clear picture of environmental conditions.