Japan's Luxurious Mongee Bananas Can Be Eaten Whole, Peel and All

 - Dec 22, 2017
References: mongeebanana & designtaxi
The D&T Farm in Japan is now producing ultra-rare 'Mongee Bananas,'(pronounced "mon-gay") that are uniquely grown and boast an entirely edible peel.

While most bananas are typically grown in tropical climates, Mongee Bananas are cultivated with a "Freeze Thaw Awakening" technique that draws from ancient practices. As the bananas grown in Japan do not have any natural predators, they are grown organically and without pesticides. In terms of taste, the bananas are said to be significantly sweeter than ordinary bananas—while the average banana contains just over 18 grams of sugar, the Mongee Banana has 24.8 grams of sugar.

The luxurious bananas cost more than $5 each and just 10 of them go on sale each week in the Tenmanya Okayama department store in Tokyo, Japan.