This Mona Lisa Remix is a Scary Twist on the Iconic Portrait

 - Jul 9, 2013
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This Mona Lisa remix by Orlando Arocena offers a bone-chilling take on the iconic lady's smile. the 'Three Fates of Mona' is a three-piece vector series created for the 'Goiconda Project,' which invites artist to reinterpret Leonardo da Vinci's iconic painting in their own style.

In addition to paying tribute to the Renaissance master's work, Arocena transforms Mona into three classic characters from the American horror genre: Carrie, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and Hellraiser's Chatterbox. These unlikely pairings show Mona dripping with blood and wearing Jason's terrifying hockey mask.

Da Vinci's original portrait is full of intrigue and mystery, but in this Mona Lisa remix, there is no doubt that there is some kind of dark secret behind her eyes and smile.