Mollywood Promotes 'The Starter Wife'

 - Oct 14, 2008
References: tswlife
Created by US Agency Freedom + Partners, "Mollywood" is a virtual 2D avatar chat environment that promotes the TV show "The Starter Wife" which stars Debra Messing.

On the Mollywood site, users can create their own avatars, shop at high-end, brand name clothing stores, earn points, status and virtual money.

Flash mini-games are released online on a weekly basis, shortly after each new episode airs. The site offers many ways for users to interact, including chatting with others users and visiting forums. They can also go to different 'rooms' represented by Los Angeles areas like Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Malibu.

The main objective for Mollywood vistors is gaining happiness, wealth and high social status which are done through unlocking hidden objects, visiting the rooms, chatting and playing the weekly games. The ranking board is updated live, displaying the highest scores.

I have come across a lot of multi-chat sites, and in my opinion, this one seems to miss the mark. It might meet the standards as an online extension of the Starter Wife TV show, catered to US audiences, but I think it has a huge potential that needs further support.

Having said that, it's fun making those gorgeous avatars. It's worth the click!