The Chemistry Drinkware Set Features Engraved Molecule Patterns

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: cognitive-surplus & foodiggity
Science enthusiasts looking to express their interests in their home decor need to look no further than the Chemistry Drinkware set that creatively feature engravings of molecule patterns onto the glass. The cups are stylish and subtle, while drawing the drinker's attention to atoms and their molecular makeup.

Retailer Cognitive Surplus is behind the design of the Chemistry Drinkware set that offers three different cup styles to suit different drinking needs. Each glass features the molecular structure of what is typically meant to be consumed from it engraved directly into the vessel. For example, the pint glass features the molecule set up for beer, while the coffee cup features the molecular structure of coffee. Consumers with a science background will immediately recognize what drink each molecular pattern alludes to.