'Molecular Condoms' are a Plant-Based Method of Birth Control

 - May 21, 2017
References: newatlas & gizmodo
Molecular condoms have just been proposed as the next method of birth control in UC Berkeley's most recently published study.

The study shows how two chemicals found in plants -- lupeol from aloe vera and pristimerin from thunder god vine -- contain non-steroid chemicals that act like steroid chemicals, preventing sperm from breaking through a 'protective wall' of cells that form around the egg.

The breakthrough research sounds nearly too good to be true, proving effective results for both sexes without any hormonal side effects. Referred to as 'universal birth control,' this plant-based remedy can be taken by any sex, as either emergency contraception -- before or after intercourse -- or as a long term method of birth control, administered through a skin patch, or a vaginal ring.