This Modern Sewing Machine by PDF HAUS and Vifa is Stylishly Designed

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: yankodesign
The design of the traditional sewing machine is quite utilitarian, so this modern sewing machine is intended to be a more stylish approach to the home appliance. Designed by PDF HAUS with inspiration from high-end audio brand Vifa, the sewing machine is clad in specially woven textile that help add physical and visual texture.

Being that the sewing machine is a way to make fashions, it only makes sense that the appliance itself would be fashionable itself. This is realized with this modern sewing machine that doesn't highlight a simple plastic aesthetic like other units on the market, but instead takes a direct step towards being stylish. Several color options have been imagined by PDF HAUS with the sewing machine that looks good enough to be kept out in the open rather than tucked away.