New Technology Takes Modern Home Decor to the Next Level

 - Oct 21, 2013
References: youtube
Modern technology has enabled many of us to use our smartphones to share information and connect with people all over the world; modern home decor offers even more advantages. A great thing about modern home decor is that it makes everyday life more informative, educational and convenient. Trend Hunter’s Jaime Neely introduces some great interactive home design advancements that improve daily living.

Some of the cool, new products are the Panasonic solar charging table and digital drafting workspaces. The Panasonic table runs only on solar energy and can charge your devices. The digital drafting workspaces make designing, illustrating and taking notes a breeze. It works with a stylus pen and can really change the way architects and designers create blueprints and sketches for their new ideas.

Jaime Neely also talks about the Great Wall of Cooking, which is literally a wall in the kitchen that works as an oven, microwave, stove and more. Alongside all these great products is her favorite: The Aqua Top display. This product sticks on your bathroom wall and projects images onto your bathwater. This way you can enjoy your favorite show while having a relaxing soak in the tub.

With all of these great modern home decor improvements, your home will be the coolest one on the block!