The MOA Yarn Baskets ain't Your Grandma's Knitting

 - Apr 13, 2010
References: & yankodesign
If someone told you they were knitting bowls and waste bins, you might think their mind had gone south for the winter, when in actuality they could be very well telling the truth. The MOA Yarn Baskets are bona fide carriers of goods made from nature's flimsiest product. And to think you always shrugged off knitting as an elderly activity. Well, my friend, it's a man's game now.

Created by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau, the MOA Yarn Baskets are definitely not for the weekend warrior--just look at the intricate detail. The key to the strength of these objects is a generous layer of resin, allowing the material to take the desired shape. I will never doubt the ability of yarn again.