From Giant Carpets to Enormous Knitted Furniture

 - May 14, 2013
After the appearance of chunky knits in the Fall/Winter 2013 fashion season by brands and designers like ‘Good Night, Day' and Claudia Garrido, crafty knits and crochet creations are making their way into home decor and furniture design.

With each stitch visible, the creations have a cozy, oversized woven texture. Some designs play up this feature, while others juxtapose the comforting properties of yarn with the strength of wood. Even though these crafts can easily be machine-made, the appreciation for handmade crafts is being revitalized with entire social media sites dedicated to the craft. As of May 2013, Ravelry has over 3 million registered users that share patterns, upload pictures of their creations and chat.

These explorations with soft sculpture range from surreal to simple. These yarn creations remix the traditional craft for the digital age—they are definitely not your grandma’s knits.