These Moon-Inspired Home Decor Ideas are Out of this World

 - Dec 13, 2012
Space might be the final frontier, but bringing a little moon-inspired decor into our homes is a little bit easier than blasting off. The moon has been inspiration for a number of different things: love songs, artistic endeavors and even home design. These items for your abode will help add a lunar-like touch to any space you please.

There are several timepieces that are fashioned directly after the moon, whereas pieces like the Shallow Lunar Lounges and Crocheted Globe Lamps are more subtly structured after the moon. There are more simplistic approaches like Moon-Inspired Lighting that are essentially designed with a lunar-like touch, but could easily be mistaken for simple circular lighting solutions.

You might have to keep your feet on the ground for the time being, but these moon-inspired home decor finds will help bring you a little closer to outer space.