Team Lab Uses Kinect to Manipulate Graphics for Miura Commericals

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: & shifteast
Team Lab, a Japanese company that specializes in digital concept creations, has surpassed present advertising standards by eliminating green screen filming entirely in the new Miura commercials.

A lot of companies are taking the popular game console system, Kinect, and integrating it into their own products. In a new set of Miura commercials, a water filtration company in Japan, Team Lab incorporates Kinect technology to sense movement and allow the computer graphics to automatically coordinate with the dancers on stage. By doing so, this eliminates a lot of retakes as well as post-production time.

This type of filming method allows more space for creativity and flexibility since graphics are rendered on stage. As dancers move about on stage, whirling waters and bursting bubbles appear at will and are sent wherever the dancer directs it. Producers can see what changes are required and make additions immediately rather than re-booking studios and making callbacks.