The Mistletoe Jelly Shots are Perfect for a Crazy Christmas Party

These Mistletoe Jelly Shots have two layers for double the fun this Christmas.

A good Jello shot always makes a celebration that much more memorable, or unmemorable depending on how many you devour. The point is, to really set the tone for your Christmas party you need to have all the fixings and that includes some mistletoe. What better way to include the holiday smooch plant than in a gelatinous beverage format? That way no way gets offended or feels obligated to go around smooching people who don't want to be smooched.

The Mistletoe Jelly Shots use apple soda, gelatin and vodka to make the green layer. The top white layer is coconut milk mixed with gelatin. The mistletoe garnish is made out of mint leaves and red candied chocolate.