Twitch Will Be Hosting a Mister Rogers Neighborhood Marathon

 - Mar 21, 2018
References: polygon & rollingstone
Twitch is the largest video game streaming service, but the service will soon be streaming a Mister Rogers Neighborhood marathon to celebrate Fred Roger's 90th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the iconic show. This will be the second marathon of the show by Twitch and will once again be done in partnership with PBS. The previous stream was watched by millions and over $42,145 was raised for PBS funding. The previous stream also encouraged users to leave voicemails talking about Mister Rogers’ importance in their lives.

The latest stream of Mister Rogers Neighborhood will not be conducted for charity purposes, but will instead be done to simply celebrate major milestones. The marathon stream will be hosted on the official Mister Rogers Twitch channel, but the streaming service will also allow users to co-stream the marathon on their own channels. The Mister Rogers Neighborhood marathon will begin on March 20th and will run for 11 days once all 856 episodes have aired.