Misha Gordin Marries Art and Politics with Faceless Crowd Captures

 - Aug 7, 2011
References: wordzjeitu & butdoesitfloat
The chilling photography of Misha Gordin sends a powerful message about the silence of the masses that is way too prominent around the world. Whether by choice or by oppression, silence and apathy are responsible for a great deal of the world's destruction and problems, and these photos capture the darkness associated with this passivity.

All of Gordin's work is assembled and printed in a traditional dark room, a form of photography that is rare in refreshing in this largely digital world. Despite their simplicity, these powerful works of art have a sharp message that makes it difficult to look away. Each one more powerful than the one before, Gordin's art marries art and politics.

Implications - Sending socially conscious messages is one of art's primary purposes. Consumers with a particular message or cause in their hearts appreciate the ability of certain artists to translate their vision into impactful pieces that help viewers think about the way of the world.