This Installation Takes Museum Guests Through a Mirrored Maze

 - Mar 24, 2016
References: & dezeen
American artist John Miller recently created a mirrored maze for guests at Miami's Institute of Contemporary Art. Instead of creating a work that could only be viewed from afar, Miller created a piece that immerses museum goers directly in the artwork.

The mirrored maze is titled 'Lost' and it is part of Miller's solo exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami. The labyrinthine-style installation spans nearly 74 square meters with acrylic mirrors lining each and every turn. Both the external and internal wall are made from mirrors, giving the room an infinite look. At the center of the maze is an unusual sculpture that is designed to look like a person covered in different types of fruit. The contrast between the sculpture and the viewer's own reflection is designed to provoke thoughts about how images construct our reality.