Doug Aitken's L-Shaped Pavilion is Dubbed 'Mirage Detroit'

 - Oct 18, 2018
References: dougaitkenworkshop & dezeen
Doug Aitken is an American artist, whose latest installation — a mirrored house pavilion, is exhibited in the States Saving Bank in Detroit, Michigan. The project marks one of the first opportunities for the public to access the astonishing building which was built in 1900. The interior is incredibly impressive and majestic, to say the least, and perhaps the reflective quality of Doug Aitken's work is there to embrace that.

The mirrored house pavilion is located inside the sizable grand room. Although not functional, Doug Aitken's installation boasts some integral features of contemporary design. The structure is L-shaped, has a chimney and a gabled roof. Both the interior and the exterior of the structure are clad in mirrors, creating a very engaging and curious visual experience.