The 'Mirage' Building Reflects An Upside Down Image Of Paris

 - Sep 21, 2017
References: i-mad & newatlas
MAD Architects is known for proposing truly revolutionary and audacious skyscraper concepts, and it may have outdone itself with a new design, dubbed 'Mirage,' that is designed to reflect the great city of Paris upside down.

Proposed as a possible redesign option for the Tour Montparnasse skyscraper, the Mirage skyscraper concept would be highlighted by a facade of special mirrors designed to be concave in shape, making them project a floating, topsy-turvy image of the surrounding city. Sure enough, the design ensures that the Eiffel Tower is included in the reflection. The idea was put forward as part of an international competition, and aims to use modern architectural cues to complement Paris' traditional skyline.

This skyscraper concept is truly innovative in the manner in which speaks to architecture's ability to interact with and manipulate visual perceptions of the surrounding city.