Minna Parikka Transfers Love of Footwear to Her Face

Have you ever loved something so much you wanted to make a mask out of it? I’ll let that question percolate while I tell you about Minna Parikka’s shoe fetish masks.

The Finnish shoe designer, who started designing footwear at the age of fifteen, loves shoes more than anything else, which is quite obvious in her attempt to wear shoes on a body part other than her feet. While Minna Parikka now directs a small brand of exclusive footwear, she has also presented an interesting collection of shoe fetish masks.

Some of the shoe fetish masks, complete with tongues hanging out, are a bit odd, while others take on animal-like qualities, my favorite of which is the studded patent black style (see gallery)--which looks like what Catwoman might wear for a night on the town.