The R2-D2 Mini Vacuum is Designed for Neat Geeks

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: firebox & chiclaunches
While a variety of Star Wars merchandise has been released lately, no other product is as clean as the R2-D2 mini vacuum. Developed with cleanliness and robotics in mind, this trusty cleaning tool is as geeky as it is functional.

The R2-D2 mini vacuum is similar to the average cleaning tool but features an unmatched and intergalactic flair. Inspired by an iconic Star Wars character, this little robot maid mirrors the look of the R2-D2 robot. R2's third leg operates as a micro vacuum cleaner which can suck up most tabletop messes. When the little robot can no longer take another crumb or spill, unscrew the domed head and dispose of the dust.

This mini vacuum is the perfect cleaning companion for a kitchen or office and is ideal for small spaces.