These Capi Mineral Water Ads Make It Seem Much Less Pretentious

 - May 27, 2014
References: & adsoftheworld
There are some people who don't like the taste of water, but after reading these Capi Mineral Water ads, plain old water probably sounds just fine.

The ads are set up as kaleidoscopic collages of things like toilet paper, cyclists and rodents forming the shapes of refreshingly chilly snowflakes. The collage images seem like odd things to associate with water, but with a little reading, you'll see that Capi is being presented as "Pure Italian" fatigue vomit water, toilet water and rodent diarrhoea water.

However disgusting these varieties of water sound, the mineral water manages to poke fun at itself and make it seem less pretentious as it notes that Capi sounds Italian, but it fortunately really isn't. Automatically, Capi's Mineral Water seems like a pretty appealing beverage.