This Minecraft Clock Ticks Down to the End of Days

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: youtube & mightymega
One creative Minecraft player has fashioned a Minecraft clock device that will count down to the end of days, at which point it will open a door.

The doomsday clock is actually a series of hopper clocks that trigger a pulse every time their countdown finishes. YouTuber Spumwack created this Doomsday clock in a bid to create the most useless item on Minecraft. The Minecraft clock and door will not have any use in the game environment and the countdown will end long after anyone is around to play the game and go through the door when it opens.

This Minecraft clock is an odd but philosophical item. As it goes through its cycle, humanity will change fundamentally in language, culture, beliefs. All that can be done is wait and see how far humanity gets before the clock runs out.