EEG Technology Lets You Use Your Mind to Make Sounds

 - Jul 14, 2017
References: seattletimes & newatlas
This mind-reading musical instrument can be played with the power of thought.

Using EEG signals, scientists have successfully created a machine that responds to a person's thoughts with sounds. The machine can detect the movement of a person's thoughts, much like it can detect a physical movement -- triggering the device to create a sequence of noise. Although EEG technology isn't new, Neuroscientist Thomas Deuel claims this is the first machine to respond proactively to brainwaves with sound.

As a musician and neurologist, Deuel has seen patients lose their ability to play musical instruments after suffering a stroke. If further developed, EEG technology can be harnessed to quicken the rehabilitation and communicative abilities to both stroke patients and those who live with motor disabilities.