'Mimus' is an Industrial Robotic Arm with a Personality

 - Nov 28, 2016
References: atonaton & boingboing.net
'Mimus' is a work of art on display at The Design Museum in London. More than a pensive painting or a static tableau, Mimus is an interactive and responsive work that encourages people to consider the relationship and interconnectivity between humans and robots.

Physically, Mimus is an industrial robotic arm, the same as what is used in factories around the world. Mimus' software, however, is far different from other industrial arms. Instead of simply following set paths, Mimus is trained to to respond to the world around it, interacting with the people who visit the exhibit. She (Madeleine Gannon, the robots creator, made her a female bot) uses sensors embedded in the ceiling of her exhibit space to simultaneously perceive the entirety of her surroundings, interacting with people until they lose her attention.