This Millennial Stressor Infographic is Englightening

The Acura Millennial stressor infographic highlights the various issues causing troubling thoughts for Generation Y.

Used to promote Acura ILX, this graph details the way in which this generation grapples with stressors and identifies what the issues are. The chart, which is colored on top of a sleek black background, is a gorgeously minimalist piece with an easy-to-read style. Unsurprisingly, given the economy that this generation is entering out of school, the biggest stressor for this group is money, coming in at 80 percent. Closely following financial issues are work and relationships, which are truly timeless worries.

Though this infographic is technically a marketing piece, the data featured throughout is quite interesting and telling. Giving a snapshot of this age group without coming across as negative or judgmental, this is a positive piece when it comes to talking about Generation Y.