- Aug 7, 2012
References: twitter
Miley Cyrus is pretty much a budding fashion icon. From mini- 'Man Repeller' (i.e. the Hannah Montana days) to 'grungy boho', this adolescent lady embodies the style savvy sense of a young Nicole Richie. However what is making headlines now is not what is on her body but is what is on the top of her head. Miley's new 'Hot Cross Bun' look is debatably cooler then sliced bread. Since the debut of her high-bun hair roughly one month ago while signing some autographs in Los Angeles, the starlet has dawned this look day-in and day-out. Though the bun is a personal favourite of mine, it is now only being duplicated by others as of late. Street style blogs have captured the looks of many up and coming trend setters spotting the new look. May I add, the popularity of said bun has even had a twitter account created for Miley's new hair style. In 140 characters you can capture the witty banter of the 'thoughts' running through Miley's impeccable bun.

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