This 'The Sounds Of...' Video Gives You a Feel for Words as Music

 - Oct 7, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
Check out this 'The Sound Of...' video and see simple words transformed into symphonic pieces.

Ranging from words like "PEACE," "LOVE," a cross and the like, this video definitely gives an interesting idea as to how sounds and words can be interpreted. Check out the featured video and get a feel for this 'The Soundn Of...' video for yourselves. What do you think the word "HATE" would sound like?

Implications - Personally, I think this symphonic piece is the perfect viral time passer. You don't have to just stop at "HATE," you can do your name, your friend's names, your parents name, your family name. The fun can go for hours. Enjoy this incredible innovation.