This Microwave Popcorn App Help Prevent Popcorn from Burning

 - Jun 6, 2013
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If you always find yourself burning their bag of microwave popcorn, this Perfect Popcorn App is a great way to make the perfect bag of popcorn -- every single time.

Most microwaves come with pre-set popcorn buttons and the bag usually has an ideal time printed on the back, but each microwave cooks at a slightly different temperature and intensity. With the Perfect Popcorn app, each bag of popcorn is guaranteed to never burn again. How the app works is users place their phones close to the microwave, the app picks up the popping sounds, uses the popping speed to calculate when the bag will be perfectly popped and alerts the user to take the bag out of the microwave.

With vibrant graphics, simple layout and a colorful quirky kernel-faced cartoon that heats up and pops, you'll never have to worry about burning a bag of microwave popcorn again.