From Microsoft Ad Labs

 - Jan 18, 2007
References: adlab.msn & seattlepi.nwsource
Some of "Minority Report" futuristic scenes may come true (for good or bad) thanks to Microsoft.
Imagine yourself walking in a mall, crossing by a billboard as it identifies you, calls you by your name and displays a short clip of the Bahamas, your dream vacation. It seems that Microsoft is working hard to achieve it.

"Engineers at Microsoft Corp. have developed a prototype advertising system that uses a small video camera and facial-recognition software to try to determine a viewer's gender and select an appropriate ad to display.

The system is intended for use with large video screens in public places, such as shopping malls. It's one of the projects being pursued inside Microsoft's adCenter Labs -- part of the company's effort to come from behind in online ads and other forms of digital marketing."