Mico by Neurowear Detects Brain Waves & Picks Songs for the User's Mood

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: micobyneurowear & springwise
Mico by Neurowear is a headphone that monitors the user's brain waves to detect their moods. By doing so, the headphone chooses songs from Mico's database to match the mood of the user.

Although it looks like a regular head set on the outside, it is tuned with an EEG reader that monitors the user's neural activity.

The moods are categorized as focused, sleepy and stressed in the database. The technology gives users the advantage of not having to pick songs at all times and discover new music that they are likely to enjoy given the mood that they are in.

Although I am skeptical of of accurate matching of the songs will be with only three categories, the product will surely be picked up by all music lovers fairly soon.