The Metsa Stool by Geoffrey Riberry and Emmanuel Taillard is Sculptural

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: yankodesign
The Metsa Stool was inspired by a trip to a little Finnish town called Lahti. Especially influenced by the surrounding lush landscape, the intricate weaving of the nine legs that make up its sculptural base take after the trees found in the area. Taking on a modern geometric aesthetic, the look of the Metsa Stool nevertheless has a raw beauty, which is due in large part to the natural birch wood finish.

Designed by Geoffrey Riberry and Emmanuel Taillard, the Metsa Stool also has a cutout on its surface, which adds a nice touch to the design. At once airy and sturdy, the Metsa Stool would complement just about any living space, both traditional and modern. It can easily be painted to add a pop of color as well.