This Method Hand Wash Has a Scent That Reminds of Driftwood

 - Apr 15, 2016
References: methodhome
Alongside a fresh new range of candles and air fresheners that smell like citrus, pomegranate and apple slices, one of the newest Method hand wash products to be unveiled boasts a driftwood scent. This unexpected hand wash fragrance is meant to remind of the ocean with notes of sea spray, cedar and spice. To go along with the woodsy scent, the bottle's gel formula has a spicy cinnamon-colored tint.

There are dozens of fragrant products that aim to recreate the experience of visiting a seaside beach paradise, but this one avoids the lightness that's typically associated with pleasing summer scents.

Now that there's a market for beer-scented candles and body soaps that smell like wine, consumers are beginning to become a bit more adventurous with household products with unusual scents.