Jeremy Blincoe's Metal Couture Series is Sureally Angelic and Devilish

 - Jul 11, 2011
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The images in the Metal Couture ad campaign will enchant you as much as the jewelry it is promoting. A play between the light and dark aspects of the world, it is shot interchangeably in milky and inky with a final shot that combines both for a murky finish. Considering that the Metal Couture jewelry collection has as many dimensions as the campaign itself, the images and the accessories play off of each other.

Shot by Australia-based photographer Jeremy Blincoe, the Metal Couture ad campaign definitely follows his appreciation for everything surreal and fairy tale-like. The minimalist backdrop really makes the jewelry being showcased standout. As though modeled by a woman dealing with both of her angelic and devilish sides, it gives the accessories a pure edge.