Check Out these Artistic Images on the Sole of Merrell Ukiyo-E Shoes

 - Oct 8, 2010   Updated: May 26 2011
References: ohgizmo
These Merrell Ukiyo-E shoes feature artistically creative soles.

Adorning these casual walking shoes with Japanese illustrations, Merrell treats these kicks as a blank canvas for creativity. The suede shoes come in four different fun colors. The soles of the Merrell Ukiyo-E shoes feature designs of the 'Great Wave,' 'Swami' and 'Surfing Penguin,' allowing you to leave beautiful footprints wherever you may go.

Implications - Designing footwear is about creating eye-popping imagery. Sneakers have become a powerhouse in fashion due to outrageous designs that allow for true self expression. Brands have truly reinvented the urban aesthetic of sneakers, creating a fashion symbol that now crosses the line between elegance and casualty. Whether it's embedded visuals on the sole or classy leather, sneaker styles are becoming their own sector of fashion.