The Merkled Pot Rack is a Web Woven from Scrap Steel Threads

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: merkled
The Merkled Pot Rack serves up a kitchen storage solution that doubles as sculptural decoration. This contraption comes in three different models for various means of installation to afford the accessible and space-saving stashing of anything from saucepans and skillets to whisks and stirring spoons.

You may be mesmerized by the appearance of the Merkled Design hangers, but the story behind their manufacturing is equally intriguing. The studio salvages steel loom ends from a weaving company in the neighborhood, repurposing the crimped bars as fibers for these creative latticework products. The rods are intertwined and arched to make organic forms that are reminiscent of entangled tree branches. The Merkled Pot Racks are then powder-coated with turquoise finishes and given S-shape hooks for suspending your culinary implements.