Liz Obert Seeks to Reveal the Dualities of Mental Illness

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: lizobert & featureshoot
Photographer Liz Obert confronts the reality of her mental illness in her latest series 'Dualities.'

The project's title references the dual nature of living with depression and other mental disorders. Though we've come a long way in shedding the stigma, those suffering with mental illnesses still feel the need to lead double lives. A public life, in which they put on a brave face and a smile, and a private life, in which they are able to more freely express their true feelings. Obert photographed herself, and her subjects, in both of those settings, allowing each subject complete control over their presentation. Every photo is accompanied by a notation describing the subject's mental state in each setting.

Obert's series is especially poignant, and relevant, when we consider that over 5 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder (like Obert) and nearly 15 million struggle with depression.