The 'Memory Suitcases' Show Scenes of Long Lost Travels

 - Jun 28, 2013
References: yuvalyairi & mymodernmet
Using weathered suitcases as a canvas, Israeli artist Yuval Yairi created a series of retro works called 'Memory Suitcases.' Yairi's artworks masterfully incorporate the nostalgia inherent in a well-traveled case while bringing out the unique medium. Inscribed on each suitcase is a sepia-toned scene that blends in with the stressed canvas. The paintings make the suitcases look like they hold miniature worlds.

Each of the intricate illustrations brings out the history behind the suitcase's use. Yairi's drawings emphasize the fact that the luggage accompany us on our journeys. Every scene looks back at a location where the owner may have traveled to.

To further enhance the project's travel-based theme, Yairi photographed the cases in unique locations. The Memory Suitcases were paired with themed landscapes that add to the project's realism.