The Meme Junkyard by Wafaa Bilal Represents the YouTube Sensation

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: wafaabilal & psfk
For those who are not familiar with the term Technoviking, the Meme Junkyard installation may not be for them. Or perhaps it will offer a good crash course on one of the most popular memes to ever hit the Internet. This meme involved a shirtless, techno-loving, bearded man who put another man in his place after shoving a blue-haired girl. The original video went viral in 2007 and generated over 15 million views. The Meme Junkyard installation involves a giant, inflatable representation of the YouTube sensation.

Created by artist Wafaa Bilal, the Meme Junkyard installation was put together for the AND Festival in Manchester, UK. Interestingly, the Meme Junkyard installation interacts with the Twitter hashtag technoviking. Depending on how many people use it, it deflates or inflates.