The Centrefold Melina Gesto Photoshoot Reveals Relaxed Images

The Centrefold Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 editorial featuring model Melina Gesto unveils a nonchalant approach to fashion. Photographer Andrew G. Hobbs shot the production that placed Gesto in front of a simplistic grey backdrop.

While hunched over and staring ahead wistfully, Gesto sported a pliant two-piece ensemble, an off-the-shoulder dress and a highly structured top. These items were selected by stylist Katie Burnett who also chose to include thick slip-on shoes matched with each outfit.

Hairstylist Bianca Tuovi contributed to the relaxed, cool nature of this Centrefold Magazine production with messy tresses tied chaotically in multiple ponytails. Gesto's unkempt mane worked exceptionally well with the apparel featured, as well as with a thin, simple septum piercing.