Comfortably Numb is a 3D-Printed Device to Ease Medical Injections

 - Apr 18, 2015
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If you're someone who has a fear of needles, you typically just have to handle the discomfort that comes with a medical injection. Fortunately, a team of three freshman students from Rice University in Houston, Texas, have come up with a 3D-printed device that could remove the pain that comes from getting an injection.

Andy Zhang, Greg Allison and Mike Hua designed a prototype device called Comfortably Numb, which is able to mimic the effect a cold pack has, but on a very concentrated area of the body. Unlike many numbing solutions used by doctors which take a while to set in, Comfortably Numb causes a numbing sensation in about 60 seconds.

As far as the potential applications for this device, the students foresee it being of huge help to children and the elderly, who are more susceptible to pain, as well as areas of the body that are just generally more sensitive.