NovaCast is a Medical Cast That's Lightweight and Quick to Make

 - Apr 5, 2016
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MediPrint is on a quest to revolutionize traditional medical casts with 3D printing. This process began when one of the founders of MediPrint, Zaid Badwan, saw that there was an opportunity to leverage technology in order to improve an outdated system. After Badwan's mother broke her hand, a traditional plaster cast was put on incorrectly and required her hand to be surgically fractured in order for the cast to be re-applied. After more complications, Badwan's mother was diagnosed with a 50% percent disability in that hand.

NovaCast is a 3D-printed medical cast that is applied in two pieces in order to prevent more life-altering errors like this in the future. The cast is lightweight and breathable, plus it can be customized and printed within the span of just a few hours.