The Polygon Measuring Spoon Design Eliminates Waste and Saves Space

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: coroflot & gizmodo
Rahul Agarwal created the Polygon measuring spoon design to help eliminate waste, save space and provide chefs with an easy to use kitchen tool. Unlike a traditional measuring spoon that is designed to look like a typical tablespoon, the Polygon measuring spoon is a spoon cleverly made from origami.

The Polygon measuring spoon comes in a flat-shaped design with indicated folding lines so that users can easily fold the Polygon into a fully functional measuring spoon. The Polygon is made from flexible plastic that allows it to be washable as well as bendable. Depending on what size you need the Polygon can be folded to accommodate teaspoon and tablespoon measurements. Users can simply unfold the Polygon to scrap off excess ingredients to eliminate waste. Then pop the flat Polygon into your dishwasher for a quick clean.