CORE's High Protein Bars Offer the Equivalent of a Full Meal, to Go

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: corefoods
Eating one pack of CORE's meal-to-go bars and drinking two glasses of water is the equivalent of consuming a full bowl of oatmeal, which is enough to supply you with energy to keep you going for hours on end. As well as being a little more sizable than the average snack bar, this is a hearty way to keep yourself satisfied without having to carry around a lot of extra weight, packaging or cooking tools.

The CORE Meal and Warrior bars are available with or without whey protein, in nutty flavors like Raw Walnut Banana, Raw Cashew Cacao and Raw Almond Raisin. Extremely high in fiber and protein, these satisfying meals make great breakfast or snack options to tide you over during an outdoor excursion or a busy day at the office.